A software product for the municipal sector, an interactive system for monitoring heat supply, water supply and electricity supply in real time.

  • Existing situation

    ▪ Lack of monitoring of operational activities of the city/institution/enterprise/house;

    ▪ Lack of data on the level of consumption of energy (thermal and electric) by individual cost components;

    ▪ Adequate energy and water consumption;

    ▪ Low energy efficiency of old systems: water supply, heating, electricity supply;

    ▪ Impact of the human factor on the outcome of the work;

    ▪ He has already invested in energy efficiency systems.

  • System solution

    • Provides the ability to control distributed networks under variable conditions;

    • Minimize energy loss;

    • Converts real-time data into a dynamic tool;

    • Decision-making, integrated into your business day with well-defined benefits and economic benefits;

    • Respond quickly to any changes;

    • Optimize production and improve economic performance;

    • Integrate with a set of applications and your accounting system;

    • Optimize feed temperature, which greatly reduces energy losses - thus keeping costs.

  • Result

    -30% savings on electric power supply due to replacement of electric drives for energy-efficient and optimization of the technological process at the expense of automatic control and dispatching system;

    -30% savings on heat supply due to the application of weather dependent system of automation in modular heat points and automated accounting of indicators of heat meters;

    -5% savings on water supply due to automatic parameter control and automation of the technological process of liquid transport.